Keratopigmentation Simulation

How would you appear with a different eye color? Allow your prospective patients to envision their new eyes with our AI-powered eye recoloring simulator. Swiss Made Software

How it works?

1. Offer AI Keratopigmentation Simulation on your website
2. Capture leads information (name, email, phone, etc.)
3. Convert your leads and schedule their surgery!
AI Keratopigmentation Simulation Neoris Demo Riviera Blue High
AI Keratopigmentation Simulation Neoris Integration

Live simulation,
from your website.

Let your visitors experience eyes recoloring simulation. Our simulator can be customized (design, language, colors, etc.) and integrated to any website.

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AI Keratopigmentation Simulation Boxer Wachler Demo Carribean Green Medium

Try all the colors.

Colors from all pigment manufacturers can be integrated in your simulator, either based on manufacturer information or on our pigment evaluation.

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AI Keratopigmentation Simulation Neoris Demo Sharing

Take a photo,
spread your brand.

Whenever a customer takes a photo with our simulator and saves it on their phone, your logo can be added so that your brand remains in sight at all times. Users can also easily share simulations after taking a photo.

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AI Keratopigmentation Simulation Boxer Wachler Lead Capture Form

Offer simulation,
collect leads.

Collect qualified prospects with our lead capture that can be enabled to ask for user's information prior to let them access the simulator.

They trust us

Neoris Dr. Boxer Wachler